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Food industry has always held a significant place in the economy of the country. About 100,000 employees work in the food enterprises, as 94% of the companies are private. The sector accounts for 24% of the Gross Value Added of the country, which makes it the largest sector of the Bulgarian economy.


The Union of Food Industry (UFI), member of the Federation of Scientific Engineering Unions in Bulgaria (FNTS) was established in 1965, and it unites the efforts of professionals in the sector, protects their interests and works for improving their qualification level.


The UFI leads its activities according to the current economic situation in the country, and focuses them on the application of a new approach in communicating with the engineering, technical and food professionals in the sector, seeking new forms for concordance of their interests and needs.


The UFI implements its mission and objectives by:

  • Arranging and participating in courses, workshops and discussions on food regulations, exhibitions;
  • Publishing activities;
  • Working with scientific and educational entities.
  • The UFI organizes international and national scientific engineering conferences, symposia, discussions, congress tourism, etc. The Union is initiator of arranging and holding of a series of courses, workshops, exhibitions, product presentations of Bulgarian and international companies.

Each year the UFI is co-organizer of satellite accompany workshop programme within the frame of the international exhibitions "Balkan Pac" and "Balkan Food & Drinks".


The UFI participates either with its own stall or a joint stall in the specialized exhibitions and fairs: "Foodtech" in Plovdiv, "Bulpek", "Mesomania", "Balkan Pac" and "Balkan Food & Drinks", "Interfood and Drinks".


The UFI is a partner in the project "Food Processing Initiative e.V." of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which gives opportunities for conducting joint Bulgarian - German projects in the food industry, as well as opportunities for joint implementation of EU funded projects.


The UFI participates in discussions about a series of draft-regulations, related to the food and drink industry issues.