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The Union of Food Industry (UFI) was established in 1965, and it unites the efforts of the specialists in the branch, protects their interests and assists for advancement of their qualification level.

The objectives and the activities of UFI are fulfilled by:

  • Participation in exhibitions, seminars and discussions of regulations for the food industry;
  • International activity;
  • Publishing activity;
  • Cooperation with scientific and educational institutions.
  • Participation in realization of different projects in different programs;


The Union of Food Industry possesses License from NAPOO as a Centre for professional trainings for 55 different professions with 76 different subjects from the area of Food Industry and other areas of the economy of the country.


UFI has a rich experience in the field of qualification and re-qualification. The union has at its disposal a highly qualified team of lecturers, which makes it the most preferable partner for the national and international companies.