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Council of ministers -



Ministry of environment and water –

Ministry of Health –

ministry of economy and energy –

Ministry of Finance –

Ministry of Regional Development  –

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy –

Ministry of Agriculture and Food –



Blgarian food safety agency –

National Center of Public Health and Analyses –

Capital regional health inspection -

National Service for Plant Protection -

National Statistical Institute –

Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency –

Customs Agency –

State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance –

State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance

European Union website –

Bulgarian national bank –

Union of European Soft Drinks Associations –

Confederation of Food and Drink Industries in Europe –

Bulgarian Industrial Association –

Bulgarian chamber of commerce & industry –

Association of Small and Medium Enterprises -

State agency for meteorological and technical surveillance



Federation of Scientific Unions –

University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv -

Sofia High School of Bakery and Confectionery Technology -

Bulgarian Soft Drinks Association –

FPI Magazine –

National Wines Chamber –

Union of Fruit and Vegetables –

Poultry Union Bulgaria –

Federation of Bakers and Confectioners in Bulgaria –

Branch Chamber Of Industrial Bread Producers and Confectioner In Bulgaria –

Oilseed Oil Producers Association -

Union of Bulgarian millers -

"Coca-Cola" Bulgaria -

“Biokom Trendafilov”-

“TEHRA”  -

“Via Expo” -

“Bena” -

“Deroni” -